Monday, January 12, 2009


Testing reading and math skills of students seems to be a standard procedure in most schools. These tests allow you to track how students are doing in comparison with others. Some are written and some are oral. In the following situation, I was asked to read first graders a list of words. They were then supposed to define these words for me the best they could in a sentence. 

According to the dictionary the term robber means: a thief who steals from someone by threatening them with violence. Seems pretty standard. Robbers aren't usually good people and they generally leave you feeling worse than you did before they appeared.

 For a first grader, the term robber means something completely different. The following definition gives me hope that there is still some innocence in the world and that also, I should ALWAYS wear an identification badge of some sort when entering a school, the grocery store, the gym, my church and maybe even my own home.

Robber:  "Robbers are bad and don't wear name tags."

If this is true, always be on your guard and do not trust anyone unless they have a 2 inch by 4 inch laminated tag on the exterior of their clothing that shows you who they are. Don't trust that lady behind you at the red box, don't give your order to any waitress unless both their first and last name are on their tag and never let anyone carry your clubs on the course unless their social security number is displayed somewhere on their argyle sweater vest.

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