Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Guessing Game

The average school is day is full of transitions. Students need to switch classrooms for reading, make their way down to gym and need a few extra minutes in the winter to pile on their winter gear before recess. Sometimes, a teacher will misjudge how much time is needed to get from point A to point B and be left waiting-with 20 students behind them-while another class finishes up. Other classes are going on. Other teachers are trying teach. What do you do?
You simply become an entertainer of sorts. Teachers need to think on their toes and be skilled in many areas-one of these skilled areas includes 'The Art of the Game.' Have an extra five minutes? Get those kids to put their heads on their desks while other chosen students tap their thumbs to represent a student being 'picked.' When kids have all had a guess at who touched their thumb the game begins again. It's interesting that this sort of organized activity creates such enthusiasm and competition within the students.

So, back to the point. I was left with a few minutes to spare while waiting for my kids to go into their computer class. Hmm. I decided that I would think of an animal and have the kids guess clues to reach its identity. I am not claiming creativity on the choice of the game-nor do I think I invented it/that I should copyright it, but it's what I thought of for the time being.

The clues that were given were that it was red and black,smaller than a thumbnail and had spots. Keep in mind we just finished our insect unit. I was obviously thinking of none other than the innocent ladybug. I guess all ladybugs aren't innocent-Halloween costumes? So, I was sure someone would guess it right away.
The answer I got?

"The devil."

Yikes. Didn't know that the devil was pocket-sized.

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  1. Hey, these are great. I like the presentations. They offer a nice background into the life of a teacher and then set up your killer punch lines. I made audible laughter noises during the decapitation story and the poor little devilish ladybug affair. I think this could be the beginning of your long-awaited joke book!