Monday, June 22, 2009

Hold On

Summer time generally means nannying if you are (give or take) fresh out of college or still cruising in it. I had the opportunity to have a dinner and movie date night with my nanny kid on Friday night. He paid =) Well, I think he had some help from his parents, but regardless, I didn't lose any cash.
We decided on the obvious choice, Night at the Museum. Excuse me, the first one was so great that they made another one, so it was actually Night at the Museum 2. We cruised home from a baseball practice so he could change out of his smelly stuff. I yelled up to him to let him know we should probably get going.
"Hold on, I just need to check my email real quick," was the answer yelled to me from the staircase. This answer would be typical for my father about a business deal, myself because I am currently job searching and basically anyone else who is older than the soon-to-be fifth grader I just heard it from.
What would he even have in email account? Updates on Zac Efron's latest hairstyle? If his next game was home or away? Someone selling him life insurance?

Nope, turns out he was checking to see if a cute girl from his grade had discovered yet that he had email. =)

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